If you are with your family and searching for the perfect picnic spot, or with a group of adventurous friends looking for some adrenaline in the mountains, then take the Tougnète gondola and chairlift and enjoy the breath-taking view over Méribel! Follow Les Crêtes ridge to go back down to Les Allues or Méribel Centre, enjoying the views of the valley and surrounding peaks.

There are several routes possible; let us show you the way!

By following Les Crêtes ridge from the top of Tougnète, you will first reach the Grand Lac from where you can go back down to La Chaudanne via Les Granges, a walk of about 3 hours (from Tougnète). You can make a small diversion to the Croix Jean-Claude before returning to the Grand Lac and going back down. It is also possible to descend to Les Allues via the Col de Jean.

Alternatively, continue to Col de la Lune, an additional hour's walk, before descending to Les Allues via the Refuge de la Traye. This walk lasts 4 hours.

This walk is suitable to all, young and old alike, including runners! The short uphill sections won’t take your breath away, but the views certainly will!

Don't worry about getting back to Méribel - simply take the free buses!

Along the way, you’ll come across 2 orientation tables which allow you to identify the different summits in Méribel and the 3 Vallées!

Starting from the Altiport bus stop or the Blanchot car park, walk to the top of the Loze, on the boundary between Méribel and Courchevel. At an altitude of 2,300m, you can admire the colourful landscapes and identify the peaks with the help of the orientation table.

Two routes are available, a walk on footpaths and the legendary climb for cyclists by road!

The footpath follows the ridge between 
Méribel and Saint Bon, with a short passage through the forest before reaching the summit. Here you’ll find varied landscapes and diverse vegetation! The Col de la Loze cycle path, which hosted a stage of the 2020 Tour de France, allows you to return to the valley.

Alternatively, make you way to la Folie Douce, and then via the Rhodos gondola lift to the Altiport, a descent which takes around an hour.

Le Parc Nationale de la Vanoise est une zone naturelle protégée dans laquelle la faune et la flore vivent paisiblement. Sur cet itinéraire, nous vous proposons plusieurs randonnées, pour tous les niveaux et tous les goûts ! Départ depuis le Lac de Tueda à Méribel Mottaret, accessible avec les navettes gratuites.

Le Fabuleux Lac des Fées
Vous voulez fuir la chaleur de la ville et la foule méditerranéenne vous fait peur ?…  Venez vous reposer près d’un 
lac émeraude !

Pour un pique-nique inoubliable en famille ou entre amis, cette randonnée d'une durée de 1h30 vous amènera sur un magnifique plateau, au pied de l’Aiguille du Fruit. Une fois là-haut, vous découvrirez le Lac des Fées, célèbre à Méribel pour la pureté de son eau !
Une fois sur le plateau, ouvrez grand les yeux : les marmottes se promènent aussi !

Fill your lungs with pure mountain air... You and your mini-adventurers will find space to breathe in the mountains in summer – in every sense of the meaning! There’s clean mountain air and few people per square kilometre. Holidays in the Alps offer you total freedom!

Have you ever dreamed of spending a night in the mountains? The Refuge du Saut will be happy to welcome you (reservation required). Perfect for a great time with family or friends, here you will find just what you are looking for: comfortable rooms and dormitories and a restaurant that offers homemade dishes and gourmet desserts including their famous blueberry tarts!

After spending a night at the Refuge du Saut, you can continue your hike to the Lac du Mont Coua, located at 2,810m altitude. You will enjoy a unique view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Allow a 2 hours climb from the Refuge du Saut.

It is also possible to start from Lac de Tuéda and climb to Lac du Mont Coua, in which case allow 3-4 hours.

Bonus : a selection of beautiful walks in Méribel

The Tueda circuit
Starting from the nearby car park, you can walk around this natural lake in 30 minutes, surrounded by mountains and marmots. This walk offers a breath-taking view of the Aiguille du Fruit. In addition, you can enjoy some refreshments and a break at the Restaurant du Lac, where you will be warmly welcomed.

If this loop is not long enough for you, continue your walk to the Refuge du Plan, which is 15 minutes from the lake, on the Lac des Fées path.

Loop around the villages
Starting from Mussillon, you will explore the valley’s charming villages and discover Méribel’s magnificent heritage. You will pass through La Gittaz, le Raffort, Chandon and then le Cruet, before finishing in Les Allues. The walk can be done in both directions (allow around 2½ hours), and you can also walk back up through Nantgerel to Mussillon.

The path is signposted; all you have to do is follow them. Don't worry about walking back up: there are free buses which take you to Méribel.

The bather's path
This takes you to the spa resort of Brides-les-Bains by following the Doron river. This short walk, of less than an hour, has a total descent of 668m.Buses run between Brides-les-Bains and Les Allues during the summer.

La Rosière
From Mottaret, make your way to Méribel Centre by the Rosière path and enjoy this pleasant and peaceful walk. Once past the sheep farm, you can choose to walk along the Doron and enjoy the shade of the forest. This walk takes about 1½ hours and can be done in both directions. Shady paths and small wooden bridges are here for you to discover!