The unlimited season pass, from 889€

Do you ski at lot, either on your own or with your family? Or are you part of a gang of friends? Whether you choose a Méribel or a 3 Valleys pass, you can forget about constraints and time limits with a Méribel 3 Valleys unlimited season pass.

Whether you’re under 30 and a keen skier, over 30 and like to ski alone or with a partner, or a youthful 65+ who now has the time to discover our resorts’ amazing scenery and easily accessible slopes! Get unlimited access either to the Méribel valley or to the entire 3 Valleys.

Forfait saison illimité / Season pass unlimited
Les 3 ValléesMéribel
Solo season pass 30/64years
Senior season pass
Tribu season pass
Family season pass
What are the advantages of buying an unlimited season pass?

When you buy a 3 Vallées season pass, you get two free 3 Vallées day passes, plus passes to ski on 5 different continents:

3 days of free skiing at Shiga Kogen in Japan, at Mount Buller in Australia, or in one of the Los Tres Valles de Los Andes resorts in Chile.

2 days free in 3 resorts of the Vail Resorts group in the United States.

Who is it for?

Whether you want to enjoy unlimited access to Méribel or the 3 Valleys with your family, friends or alone; whether you are under 30 or over 65, the unlimited season pass is for everyone!

The 3 Vallées 2/7 season pass

695€ per person

Enjoy it are often much more limited, the 3 Vallées 2/7 lift pass is designed for those who concentrate their skiing days on two days per week.  

An easy to use pass at the single price of €695, valid for the whole season allowing you to enjoy two days (consecutive or not) of skiing per week, from Monday to Sunday. You can spend every minute on the slopes without worrying about having to top up your lift pass!


The 2/7 season pass is THE ideal compromise pass: it’s offered at an unbeatable price and is super flexible. Take full advantage of the largest ski area in the world, and ski up to 2 days per week. You can also plan long ski weekends of 4 consecutive days from Saturday to Tuesday!

An as a bonus, the 2/7 season pass is only available on the web - buy online and head straight to the slopes!

Who is it for?

This is the ideal pass if you are a regular skier living near our mountains and have weekends off or two days off per week. Or if you are a worker in the resort!

3 Vallées Skiflex season pass

695€ per person

This season pass includes 20 lift journeys anywhere in les 3 Vallées, to be spread out as you wish over the 7 days of the week (from Monday to Sunday). This is the perfect pass for those who want to get some fresh air several times a week, and ideal if you like to ski little and often!

What are the advantages of a Skiflex season pass?

The price of the Skiflex season pass is fixed and guaranteed for 20 lift journeys. Any additional lift journeys will be charged at 10€ per lift. The counter is reset to zero on Sunday evening, and it is not possible to carry over unused days to the following week.

The added advantage: like the 2/7 season pass, the Skiflex pass is only available online.

Who is it for?

The Skiflex season pass is ideal if you work near the slopes and have a few hours break in the day that you wish to spend on skis. But it’s also for you if you like to lunch up the mountain and take the opportunity to ski a few slopes afterwards.

The 3 Vallées Liberté season pass

Annual subscription 30€ per person

With the 3 Vallées Liberté pass, you pay for what you ski, you go where you want and don’t have to worry about which area you’re skiing in! You can set out skiing without a care in the world, because the days are debited only when you use them and according to the ski area on which you have skied.

When you buy this pass, you will have to pay a subscription of 30€ which is valid for the 2022-2023 winter season. You can renew or cancel this subscription every year from your customer account.

What are the advantages of a Liberté season pass?

Once your subscription is activated, a weekly automatic debit is set up on your credit or debit card. A Liberté pass also offers you exclusive advantages: 10% off the standard 3 Valleys or single resort adult day rate, 20% every Saturday in the 3 Valleys area, plus your 9th day of skiing is free, and then one day every 6 days is also free.

Who is it for?

The Liberté season pass is ideal if you own a property in the resort, if you ski regularly during the season, and if you want to access the slopes at the best price without having to choose your ski area in advance!

If you are a regular skier in the area and want to enjoy the slopes a few days a week (ideal if you ski between 8 and 21 days in the season) the Liberté season pass is also a good compromise.

Méribel 3/7 season pass

735€ per person

We all want to ski as much as possible, but often we only have limited days available. With this in mind, the Méribel 3/7 season pass has been designed for those who can manage to ski three days a week. This easy-to-use pass, available at a single price for the season, allows you to enjoy three days skiing per week. The week runs from Monday to Sunday and the 3 days don’t need to be consecutive.

What are the advantages of a 3/7 season pass?

Enjoy the slopes of the Méribel valley from Monday to Sunday. The Méribel 3/7 season pass gives you more flexibility: your ski days don’t have to be consecutive and can be different every week! Every Sunday evening, the counter is reset to zero, but please note you cannot carry over any unused days.

Who is it for?

The Méribel 3/7 season pass is ideal if you are a regular skier living or working near Méribel and you have weekends off or two to three days off per week.