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In the Méribel ski area

For young and old alike, our fun runs are real memory makers: extraordinary moments to share with family and friends, whether you're an experienced skier or a beginner!

Discover our
playgrounds specially designed to make your day at Méribel a memorable experience!

Méribel 2024 ski area entertainment

La piste des Inuits

Enter the fantastic polar world of Yato the young Inuit...

In the heart of the Méribel resort, discover a fascinating universe: Yatho', the young Inuit, takes you on board for a unique experience in a sumptuous polar setting. Take part in an extraordinary adventure for young and old skiers alike!

La piste des Animaux

A change of scenery and an enchanting atmosphere... The perfect place to take your first turns on the slopes!

Looking for a fun, educational and magical trail? Discover the animal trail, one of the most suitable in the resort for learning to ski or even for reinforcing your first skiing reflexes!

Ideally located in a
wooded area of the Méribel resort, the slope offers a fascinating immersion into the heart of exceptional nature, enhanced by the presence of typical mountain wild animals, more real than life: ibex, wild boar, deer and many others will be there to fill your holiday with wonder.

From Méribel centre, take to the slopes of the
Méribel resort, in the heart of the 3 valleys, and take part in the Nordic adventure!


The Méribel snowpark gets a makeover!

Looking for a fun trail that combines adventure, challenge and thrills? Discover Bump'n'Jump. Suitable for young and old alike, this trail features three runs that allow skiers to test their balance, agility and speed while having fun.

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