Downhill – the easy way!

The downhill trails in Méribel’s bike park are not reserved for mountain bikes - they can also be used by mountain scooters. In fact, contrary to what you might think, scooters are even better suited to learning to ride downhill. With their slightly lower centre of gravity, which offers greater stability, and the absence of a saddle, which allows complete freedom of movement, scooters are ideal for your first attempts at downhill riding!

Easy routes are on offer for beginners who, after their first attempts, can try out slightly more technical and steeper routes, or switch to mountain biking once they feel at home on the trails. Scooters are ideal for family outings (a minimum height of 1.30m is required for children), and offer fun expeditions for groups of friends and those who like a challenge…

Gentle slopes and long descents

For beginners, several options are on offer in Méribel’s bike park, starting with the Bike Slope (DH1). This green trail which starts at the top of the Tougnète gondola is ideal for learning how to handle your scooter as you negotiate several banked turns and some very small jumps. In short: it offers very little risk and a lot of fun! 

Next, you can venture onto 
several slightly more technical itineraries (rated blue), which offer more turns along winding routes and slightly steeper slopes, but which remain overall quite gentle. Amongst these are Bellevue (DH2), which offers almost 1,000m of vertical drop between the Pas du Lac gondola and La Chaudanne, Blue Line (DH3) and Woodstocked (DH9).

For a longer descent, set out from the top of the Tougnète chairlift and drop all the way down into Saint-Martin-de-Belleville on one of blue or green routes, such as Easy Rider (DH1), Les Girauds (DH4) or Saint-Martin (DH2). Once in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, you can easily get back to Méribel by taking the Saint-Martin 1 and Saint Martin Express lifts (make sure you plan ahead, these lifts only work on certain days...)

Practical information

This year, for the first time, mountain scooters are available to rent so you can discover this activity independently. To use the lifts with your scooter, you must have a mountain bike pass (various types are available: 3-hour discovery pass; 1-day pass; 3-days spread over a week; and a season pass).The scooter rental options available at the Lounge (located at La Chaudanne, opposite the Tougnète gondola departure station) correspond to these different options, with half-day and full-day rentals available. All equipment is provided, including helmet, gloves and elbow and knee protection. Don’t be worry – though this equipment is obligatory and may make you feel you’re attired like an ice-hockey player before a big match, falls are relatively infrequent and less common than on a bike... 

This summer, it's time for mountain biking!

Start planning your routes today

This summer, make the most of the famous mountain bike outings under the sun in the heart of the 3 Valleys! Plan your itineraries today to take full advantage of the breathtaking scenery and thrills on offer on the mountain bike trails: there's nothing like taking on the mountains and valleys, the wind in your hair, the dirt under your tyres, for moments of pure happiness and freedom.

Explore Les 3 Vallées in summer on your bike and discover the different Bike Parks in an exceptional area ! The 3 Vallées ski area, reputed to be the largest in the world, is transformed into a veritable paradise for mountain bikers during the summer season. With a variety of trails to suit all levels, from beginners to experts, each route promises unique experiences and breathtaking panoramas.

From technical descents to more leisurely trails and well-developed Bike Parks, every outing is a new adventure : with family or friends, mountain biking in Les 3 Vallées is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself while enjoying the exceptional beauty of the region.

So don't wait any longer, get on your bike and set off to discover this incredible playground this summer!