Achat forfait - Méribel

Méribel Valley

Enjoy the Méribel ski area from 10 December 2016 to 23 April 2017 (these forecasts depend on snow conditions).

Do you hesitate between the Méribel Valley and the 3 Vallées ski area ? Do not be impressed! The 3 Vallées ski area offers infinite possibilities! You will find lots of green and blue slopes!
More skiing is first more choices: you will have the possibility to choose a different itinerary every day!
More skiing is also less waiting: you will have the possibility to choose BIS itineraries!
More skiing is also more panoramas: enjoy the unique panoramas that offers the 3 Vallées ski area!
Méribel Valley ski area


Situated at the heart of les 3 Vallées, Méribel is perfectly located to make the most of this extraordinary ski area. The neighbouring resorts can be reached in a single lift trip. This is the skiing you have always dreamed of!

Our advice: If you are staying in the resort for a week, we suggest you choose our GOOD deal, the 3 Vallées pass! Why choose the 3 Vallées ski area? That way, you can enjoy carefree skiing - go where you want without ever becoming stuck and make the most of all the best pistes in sunshine at any time. It's complete freedom on skis! Easy and accessible, the 3 Vallées ski area is the best option! You could enjoy lots of green and blue pistes. Around 60% of the 319 pistes are blue and green pistes!