A bi-facial solar power plant unique in France and in the mountains!

In addition to the 182 solar panels for a surface area of 400m2, the most important information is the technique used by Sunwind to optimize the production of electricity at an altitude of 2200 m in special conditions, those imposed by the Alps with a strong seasonal effect. The snow is the raw material used, without touching it, while at the same time reflecting the albedo effect. A unique opportunity to capture as much of the sun's rays as possible with production on both sides of the photovoltaic cells.
This is what marks the innovative aspect of this project, which will be completed in August 2022, since a two-sided solar power plant is quite simply unheard of in France and in the mountains!

A 360° project ecology as a motivator, energy as a vector and the human being as a value

Technological innovation is sometimes cold and seems distant from any human and social warmth.
However, it is the result of the work of many employees who have been able to evolve as a team, motivated by an innovative project and by the pride of belonging to a company that is committed to a sustainable approach.

They are first in the shadows: works manager, electrical, financial, marketing, administrative... a work group with various positions, with the same vision, that of transforming our ways of producing to find new solutions. Technical study, investment cost, ROI projection.

The project is designed, laid out and validated.

They are then under the sun: that of a historically hot summer, which reminds us why we install these panels. 14 collaborators levelled and stabilized the supports of the solar power plant with the help of gravel already on site, under a blazing sun.

The project is finished, completed, successful.