Bastien Denjean, Toboggan Run Manager

After managing a specialised freeski equipment, clothing and accessories shop for 10 years, Bastien is continuing his professional career in the ski industry as manager of the Black Forest Mission toboggan run in Méribel.

Tell us about your career
I was brought up in Les Allues, went to secondary school in Moûtiers, before going to Ugine for sixth form and then to Lyon. At that time, my parents were building a chalet in Méribel, which included the space for a shop below. So I did an HND in small business management in order to open the Tog Shop, a store I ran for 10 years.

And in 2017, you joined Méribel Alpina...
I manage the new 
Black Forest Mission toboggan run. I needed an outdoor manual job! The run was shaped this autumn, then we set up the theme of the run which was created in-house with a graphic designer. Just so you know the story; tobogganers are recruited by the wizard Galdwick to protect the Windar tribe against a Goblin revolt. So, while they are in the Arbin forest, our tobogganers will enjoy adventures alongside fictional characters.

So, you keep the run working smoothly...
Every morning we see with the ski patrollers and groomers whether we can open up, then I do a security check: I make sure that all the elements, figures, markers etc. are in place. In fact, I make sure the entire run functions smoothly. We have good communication with the different departments, so it works well.

Do you have a favourite place in the resort?
Méribel ice rink! I play ice hockey in my spare time, I'm community manager for the ‘Bouquetins’ team, and my children play. So, even on Wednesdays between noon and two, I'm at the ice rink for the kids’ training.

You are very sporty, what are your favourite spots in Méribel?
Skiing or snowboarding in winter, I love the Arbin forest: I’ve found the perfect place working for Méribel Alpina! It’s always great to do an outing to the Gébroulaz glacier. In summer, the mountain bike Blue Line from the summit of Tougnète is great. It’s fun and enjoyable, and it was the first descent I did with my daughter, so I’ve great memories of it.

What do you recommend for restaurants and places for a night out?
For a quick, tasty snack, the Sherpa sandwich shop in Méribel-Mottaret and, for pizzas, the Igloo in the centre of Méribel. For après-ski, the bowling alley, and Fifty/50 bar for a good evening watching the rugby!