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Mission Black Forest : the new sled adventure !
Opened from the 09 February

Dare you brave the new sled adventure !
Mission Black Forest !



This is a 3km sled run on snow, descending 470m with 28 corners. Minimum height 1.40m.

Choose your sled and helmet and become one of the adventurers who can save the Arbin Forest tribe! History: The wizard Galdwick has had a terrible vision; a goblin revolt has started. He must recruit an Elf family to help him on his mission to halt the goblins and protect the Windar tribe living in the Arbin forest. In taking up the wizard’s challenge, the Elves will have to confront the dangers of the forest to warn these little creatures. Take to your sleds!

Opening hours :
Open every afternoon except Saturdays from 2pm to 5.10pm.
Closed since the 15th of March.

Access :
To buy your ticket, get your sledge and helmet, take the exit stairs of the Tougnète gondola, the desk is in the departure station of  the Tougnète gondola. The start of the track is at the top of the Tougnète gondola.

Average time :
45 min (gondola + sledge)

Rates with sledge & helmet provided
Mission Black Forest
With a valid skipass 1 access 11€
  from 4 access 9€
Without skipass 1 access 14€
  from 4 access 12€
The run can only be riden with our sled product. For safety reasons, we cannot allow customers to ride the slope with their own products.
Indicative rates (euros) per person, may be modified in case of change including VAT. Only available in the Mission Black Forest desk in the departure station of the Tougnète gondola. Only 1 tariff for all (adult, child, senior).