A new website dedicaded for the new cabins!

In each cabin of the Olympus, a QR code allows you to access the dedicated website and to wait during the 20 minutes of ascent with the possibility to read and learn a little more about the Valley of Meribel. Indeed, Jean-Marie, former director of the Tourist Office & writer/journalist as well as a fine connoisseur of the territory, transports you and immerses you in the 30 themes of the cabins, from the #challenge to the 2023 World Championships cabin...

The bubbles of your dreams

The Olympe gondola lift, which links Brides-les-Bains to Méribel, was built shortly before the 1992 Winter Olympics and has now been completely renovated. The new, spacious, well-ventilated and comfortable cabins have large windows which offer you breath-taking views of the valley and the summits as you ascend.

What’s more, 30 of the 133 cabins have been given special treatment: each has a theme summed up by a word representative of our region and a striking individual design. Now when you step into one of these bubbles, you can spend a few minutes in a different world!

Behind the scenes

Several companies worked together on this project. Lift company Méribel Alpina’s technical department were, of course, responsible for ensuring the safety, accessibility and comfort of the cabins (out went the hard plastic benches, replaced by comfortable foam seats like those found on chairlifts). Thuria communications agency, based near Albertville, was given the task of designing the custom illustrations printed onto the cabins.

It was their job to come up with a range of thirty themes that reflect the history of Méribel, which include Heritage, Passion, Elegance, Nature and Well-being.

Inspiring stories of Méribel

The thirty stories associated with each of the decorated cabins are gathered on a special website (also accessible via your smartphone or tablets: telecabine-olympe.com/fr.

And to make it even more fun, Méribel has created a competition to win 3 Vallées ski passes, in the form of a quiz based on your knowledge of the area.

There’s nothing like a dose of competitive spirit to make your gondola ride pass in a flash!