The most beautiful viewpoints in Méribel

Méribel is a mountain resort that has always managed to blend with its surroundings thanks to its chalets made of wood and stone. Situated in the heart of the Three Valleys, it's an ideal base from which to make the most of the world's largest ski area.

🏔️Méribel - Le Mont Vallon

At an altitude of 2,952 metres, this is the 3 Vallées viewpoint that you really shouldn’t miss! It's also the highest peak in Méribel. It offers you the feel of the high alpine peaks, as you are close to 3,000 metres above sea level. You'll be fascinated by the exceptional view of the Gébroulaz glacier (the largest in the 3 Vallées) with its seracs and crevasses, as well as the Plan de Tueda Nature Reserve. You'll also see famous peaks such as la Grande Casse and the Aiguilles du Borgne.

We suggest you stay for a while and experience the silence that reigns at this altitude, as a much-needed break from the incessant hustle and bustle of modern urban life. You'll feel as if you are in a different world, almost another dimension, which is deeply relaxing. If you're lucky, you might even spot some mountain-dwelling birds feasting on crumbs leftover from holidaymakers’ picnics.

This area is reached by the Mont Vallon gondola, which is also open to walkers. So, if you don't feel like skiing down from the top of Mont Vallon, let yourself be whisked to the summit and back in the warmth of a gondola cabin, just so you can feast your eyes on the views from the summit!

🏔️ Méribel - Au pied de la Dent de Burgin

The Dent de Burgin lies at 2,739 metres above sea level, and offers you an authentic Alpine atmosphere. You can admire its snowy couloirs as you ascend by the ski lifts. You'll want to stay there until sunset to enjoy the changing colours, especially if the moon is rising above this magnificent summit.

Its unique feature is the Dent de Burgin via ferrata, the highest in France. It links the summit of the Saulire to that of the Dent de Burgin using metal rungs and safety cables. This route is high and exposed in place, so don't attempt it if you're prone to vertigo!

How do I get to the Dent de Burgin? Take the Golf chairlift from Méribel village, then the Altiport chairlift, and finally the Dent de Burgin chairlift.

🏔️ Méribel – Tougnète

Situated at an altitude of 2,400 metres, the Tougnète sector is one of the cross-over points between Méribel and Les Ménuires. You'll be able to feast your eyes on Mont Vallon (the highest peak in Méribel), the Mont Blanc and Grande Casse (the highest mountain in the Vanoise area). You can also enjoy views over the Méribel valley on one side, then turn around to admire the Belleville valley on the other. The sunsets over the mountain ridges are magnificent.

To get there, take the Tougnète 1 gondola lift from Méribel centre (Plateau de la Chaudanne), then the Tougnète 2 chairlift.

Bonus: for mountain lovers in summer, Col de la Tougnète is now accessible by mountain bike or road bike, so you can explore the 3 Vallées in a whole new way.

If you set off from Les Ménuires, you'll have 6.7 km to climb, with 600 m altitude gain. If you start the climb in Brides-les-Bains, you'll have almost 30 km to cover, with an ascent of 1,934 metres. You

could say that this pass is a new Giant of the Alps! If you have an electric bike, it will come in very handy. You'll be able to enjoy exceptional scenery the whole way up.

🏔️ Méribel - Vallée des Belleville - Roc de Fer

Silence, peacefulness and the sensation of time standing still - this's what you'll experience when you reach the summit of Roc de Fer at 2,294m. If the weather is fine, you'll have the impression you can touch the magnificent Écrins massif, including the famous Meije peak. You'll also have a breath-taking view of the Encombres valley, with its mountain hamlets and small chalets, as well as the Belleville valley.

The wild feel of this side of the valley shows how much Méribel has managed to grow while protecting its environment. If you take the Daguet and Raffort pistes, you'll plunge into the forest. And there you can enjoy a magical descent through gorgeous areas of unspoilt natural beauty.

This is where the Alpine World Ski Championships were held in February 2023, on the legendary Roc de Fer piste.

Bonus: you can take the opportunity to make a short detour to the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville by taking the blue Verdet piste.

To get to Roc de Fer: take the Legends chairlift from the Chaudanne plateau in Méribel (its seats are heated and the chairlift has pull-down shields to keep you warm!), then take the green Caves piste and the blue Gélinotte piste to the Olympic chairlift.

🏔️ Méribel - Courchevel - le col de la Loze

At 2,304 m, the Col de la Loze offers tranquil views over both the Méribel and Courchevel valleys. If you're lucky, you'll see paragliders take to the skies.

We suggest you come here to watch the sun go down in the late afternoon before the ski lifts close. The view of Mont Blanc is impressive, especially in the evening light.

To get there, take the Loze chairlift from Méribel or the Dou des Lanches chairlift from Courchevel.

Bonus: the Tour de France went over the Col de la Loze in 2020 and 2023. It was one of the hardest stages, according to the riders.

🏔️ Méribel - Courchevel - La Saulire

At 2,740m, this is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the 3 Vallées. When you get to the top, you won't believe your eyes - you'll be completely mesmerised. It's a breath-taking sight, with views of the steep inclines of the Aiguille du Fruit, Grande Casse (part of the Vanoise massif), Polset glacier, cime de Caron, la Meije (part of the Écrins massif) and many more.

Even if you've got beginners in the family and are worried they won't be able to ski back down, you can still make the round trip on foot via a comfortable gondola lift.

Bonus: when the valley is immerged by cloud, the Saulire stands high above a sea of cloud. You'll feel like you're in another world, and the view is astounding.

To get there, take the Pas du Lac gondola 1 and 2 from Méribel-Mottaret, or Saulire Express 1 and 2 from Méribel centre (la Chaudanne).

The best views in Courchevel

Courchevel has a reputation for a magical atmosphere, especially at Christmas when the resort puts on fireworks displays and parades

🏔️ Courchevel - Le Signal

Situated at an altitude of 2,250 m, the summit of Le Signal offers a magnificent viewpoint that will make you think you’re in the Italian Dolomites. The area is very quiet and relaxing, and you can enjoy sunshine for most of the day. There are veven wooden deckchairs where you can stop for a break and a snack and marvel at the Mont-Blanc and la Brèche de la Portetta. The limestone ‘towers’ are reminiscent of those in the Dolomites.

To enjoy this exceptional panorama, take the Chapelets or Signal chairlifts from Courchevel-Moriond.

🏔️ Courchevel - Creux Noir summit

This summit is at an altitude of 2,705 metres and here you will feel immersed into a wild, high-mountain atmosphere.

From here, you can enjoy a 360° view of the Alps. However, you have to earn this view, as you can only get here by ski touring or on foot. You'll then have access to avalanche-controlled but ungroomed pistes for freeriding. Even though it's a challenging area, it's still accessible to many, with several routes ranging from moderate to difficult. The day after fresh snow, you can gorge yourself on the powder – sometimes it comes right up to your ears!

To go and have fun here, take the Vizelle gondola, then follow signs for Méribel-Mottaret, and start your ascent at the big FREERIDE LAB entrance sign.

Make sure you don't miss: a selfie in front of the wooden structure so you can say "I did it!

The unmissable scenery around the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

Situated at an altitude of 1,450 metres, St-Martin-de-Belleville is an authentic, friendly village that envelops you in an Alpine atmosphere from the moment you arrive. It's a haven of peace, easily accessible via blue pistes, which also boasts beautiful views over the 3 Valleys.

A visit to this tranquil little corner of paradise will give you a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and the Encombres valley.

The bonus of this village: take time out for a gourmet lunch in one of its many restaurants. We particularly recommend the Bistrot Simple & Meilleur, run by Michelin-starred chefs René and Maxime Meilleur.

If you want to get there from Méribel, you have two options:

  • take the Tougnète 1 gondola lift or the Legends chairlift, then the Tougnète 2 chairlift, then drop down to St-Martin on the blue Gros Tougne run, then Pelozet, and finally the Biolley run. These are all blue runs, so are easily accessible;

  • or take the Legends chairlift, then the green Caves piste to get to the Cherferie chairlift, which will allow you to drop down to St-Martin on the blue Jérusalem piste, a legendary 3 Vallées piste (a piste with few skiers, which is lined with the old stone houses so typical of this area).

If you're heading to Saint-Martin-de-Belleville from Les Ménuires, take the Roc 1 gondola, then the Roc 2 chairlift. Once at the top, take the Grand Lac blue run, then Pelozet and Biolley, which will take you straight to the village.

📍 Places not to miss in Les Ménuires

Les Ménuires is situated at an altitude of 1,850 metres, and this resort offers you a range of areas, each with its own character and feel.

🏔️ Les Menuires - La pointe de la Masse

This is THE summit you shouldn’t miss in Les Menuires. From the moment you start your ascent, you'll be captivated by the glaciers on the mountainside and the lakes below the resort. There's so much to see, you won't know where to look! Once you've reached the summit, you won't be able to resist taking a photo with la Masse’s famous ibex (don't worry, it's made of wood, so you won't have to chase after it).

There's also a themed fun zone based on the animals in the Vanoise National Park, which is sure to delight your children.

To get to la Pointe de la Masse from Les Ménuires, take the new Pointe de la Masse gondola lift, which will whisk you 1,000 m up in just 8 minutes: an impressive feat!

If you're setting off from the centre of Val-Thorens, start by taking the Cairn piste, then the Boulevard Cumin, which winds along the valley floor. This leads you directly to the Pointe de la Masse gondola lift

🏔️ Les Menuires - Roc des 3 Marches

From here, you'll have a beautiful view of the Aiguille du Fruit, Mont Vallon and Saulire. We suggest that you stop off at the snowpark, which has jumps of various sizes as well as whoops so that you can practice and improve at your own pace. A magnificent, panoramic terrace awaits you, with furniture designed for relaxing: the ideal way to chill out. And what's more, there's a selfie spot so you can immortalise the moment, with your photo sent straight to your phone with an exceptional panorama of Les Ménuires in the background! Isn't life wonderful?

📍 Places not to miss in Val-Thorens

Situated at an altitude of 2,300 metres, Val-Thorens is the highest resort in Europe. It therefore generally remains open later in the season than the other the 3 Vallées resorts.

🏔️ Val-Thorens - Orelle - Cime Caron summit

At an altitude of 3,200 metres, you are guaranteed an experience of the high mountains! Thanks to uninterrupted views, and the new viewpoint table installed at Cime Caron, you can study all the surrounding peaks.

The best thing about this area: the 360° panoramic view of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, with over 1,000 peaks within view. The Cime Caron is one of Val-Thorens' legendary peaks, with its cable car anchored onto the rock. This massive lift serves a number of pistes as well as off-piste areas for experienced skiers.

To get there from Val-Thorens, take the Caron gondola from the centre of the resort, then the Cime Caron cable car. One advantage of these lifts is that you can also use them on foot.

If you're coming from Orelle, take the Orelle-Caron cable car from Plan Bouchet at 2,350 m.

🏔️ Val-Thorens - Summit of the 3 Vallées Funitel

At an altitude of 2,803 m, this is one of the main routes for exploring the 3 valleys. From this great height, you can admire the magnificent peaks.

Bonus: photo frames (created by local illustrator Lauriane Miara) have been erected throughout the 3 Vallées ski area. If you climb to the top of the Funitel, you can admire the Cosmos-themed frame and take a photo with the south face of Mont-Blanc in the background.

🏔️ Val-Thorens - Top of the Boismint chairlift

Here you'll be well away from the hustle and bustle, at an altitude of 2,672 m. The best time to ski here is in the morning, so you can enjoy the sunshine on the slopes. The slopes are perfectly groomed and steep enough for you to carve your turns all the way from the top back down to the resort. You'll enjoy superb 360° views of the Alps, the Val-Thorens cirque dominated by the Péclet massif, and the Belleville valley.

🏔️ Val-Thorens - Col de la Chambre

This is an ideal place to soak up the afternoon sun, and perfect your tan on a restaurant terrace while admiring Mont Vallon and the Borgne glacier. This side of the resort is also the gateway to the 3 Valleys, as from here you can reach Méribel, Val-Thorens, St-Martin and Les Ménuires. In this sector, you have an incredible choice of slopes of all levels, so that every member of your group can enjoy skiing in this part of the resort.

There's a great route back down from the Col de la Chambre to Méribel: take the Lac de la Chambre piste, then the Ours piste (both blues), and you'll have the pleasure of crossing through the Tueda Nature Reserve with its forest of Cembro pines, and enjoy skiing a more than one thousand metre descent.

To get to the Col de la Chambre from Méribel-Mottaret, take the Plattières gondola lift, then the Bouquetin chairlift, then the Alouette red run down to the Côte Brune chairlift, and at the top you've arrived at your destination.

If you're setting out from Val-Thorens, take the Cairn chairlift, then the Plein Sud chairlift, and finally the 3 Vallées chairlift, which will allow you to perfect your tan. Alternatively, you can take the 3 Vallées Funitel, an iconic 3 Vallées lift.

🏔️ Orelle - Val-Thorens - Summit of the Bouchet chairlift

The Pointe du Bouchet is the highest summit in the 3 Vallées ski area (3,230 m). Here, you'll be in the high mountains, charmed by the tranquillity of the site, with the added bonus of a superb view of the Bouchet glacier.

Bonus: this glacier is crossed by the highest zip line in Europe, giving you an exceptional 1,300-metre thrill ride from the ‘Summit of the 3 Vallées’ to the Col de Thorens.

To reach the pointe du Bouchet from Orelle, take the Orelle gondola, the Peyron chairlift, and then the Bouchet chairlift.

From Val-Thorens, take the Portette chairlift, then the Val-Thorens gondola lift. This takes you to the Col de Thorens where you can soak up panoramic views. You can then head back down to the Orelle side of the valley on the blue Lory piste, which gives you a view of the Aiguilles d'Arves in the southern Maurienne. To return to Val-Thorens after your little voyage of discovery, take the Peyron chairlift, then the Bouchet chairlift.

The best spots for photos in the 3 Vallées ski area

We know how important it is to bring back beautiful pictures of your holiday, so you can amaze your family and friends with the mountain scenery. We've therefore put together a number of spots where you can take pictures of our exceptional peaks.

📷 Saulire and Olympic photo spots in Méribel

We've prepared the first photo spot for you at the top of the Saulire. Getting there couldn't be easier: take the Saulire Express 1 and 2 gondolas. The spot is on the panoramic platform, just outside the gondolas.

There's also a second photo spot at the top of the Olympic chairlift: take the Legends heated chairlift from Méribel centre (Plateau de la Chaudanne), then the Olympic chairlift.

📷 La Masse area

At the top of Pointe de la Masse gondola lift (from Les Menuires), take your photo next to the XXL letters of Les Menuires. And don't forget the statue of the ibex at the top of the Masse, with the Encombres valley in the background. As you will see, no-one can resist it!

📷 The Friendly Natural Park in Les Menuires

Don't forget to go and take some selfies with the animals of the Vanoise Park! Your little ones will be proud and delighted to be photographed with mountain animals such as a Golden eagle, marmot, or black grouse.

As you can see, the 3 Vallées are full of beautiful vantage points for you to explore. After reading this article, we're sure you can't wait to come and see us. Why not start packing now!