Les Trois Vallées: for relaxed, family-friendly skiing

We've long been committed to developing family skiing in Les Trois Vallées, to make it THE ideal destination for you. Winter after winter, we work on particular slopes in our ski area to make them fun and accessible, where you can enjoy themed decor, a special atmosphere and challenges to delight budding skiers. Here's a sample of what you'll find:

The Yeti Park, in Méribel-Mottaret

This fun and easy green run has a Himalayan mountain theme. Journey on skis along a wide, gentle and safe slope. The local resident is Yooni, a yeti with a lisp.
For skiing activities, you'll find a slalom, talking tunnels (yes, really), gongs for the little ones to strike and a boarder cross. All these activities are at a level that's just right for kids!

At the
Yeti Park, children can also discover the surrounding peaks with the help of a telescope, blow Himalayan trumpets and listen to Yooni’s story, which is recounted in the cave where he lives.
Access via the
Combes chairlift in Méribel.

La piste des Inuits, in Méribel

We invite you on a journey into the world of the polar ice-caps. Right in the heart of Méribel, you’ll discover the magic of ice, the aurora borealis, animals which live in the extreme cold and a setting worthy of the Antarctic.
You'll meet Yatho', the young Inuit who will be your guide on this journey. If you're very well-behaved, he might take you to meet the Goddess of the Sea.

Immerse yourself in the
frozen natural world here in the forest. You'll find a fun trail with challenges (fish to strike and a slalom) and features that will transport you to another world (including seal and whale sculptures, ice arches and a tunnel). And don't forget the Inuit village situated at the halfway point.
Inuit village comes alive all year round with face painting, ice sculpting and, above all, it’s the best place to meet our mascot Yatho’! It's also a lively meeting place, with picnic tables, a rest area, and more.
Find it in
the Altiport forest, in Méribel

Le Canyon de Yepa, in Courchevel-Moriond

A wild, natural canyon awaits you on the pistes. This canyon is unusual in that it is inhabited by Indians and nature spirits. Their leader is Yepa, a proud and courageous little Indian girl who will invite you into her world. Discover boxes, a slalom, arches, foam figures to strike and a giant chief's headdress, all enhanced by features from Yepa's homeland: a canyon, feathers and giant dreamcatchers.
Find it near the
Ariondaz gondola lift in Courchevel-Morion.

Other activities for children in the Trois Vallées include the Natural Canyon and the Piste des Animaux (Animal Trail). Don't forget to look for them on the piste map or ask for information from the Tourist Office staff in any of the resorts in the ski area.

Beginners: we've got it covered for you!

Our fun areas for beginners are designed to offer activities, elements and environments to enliven your descents. This means you'll find tunnels, slaloms, gongs to strike, boxes (elements on which you can ski), arches and even whoops (small, gentle and safe bumps).These activities are inspired by the terrain parks used by experts. Only here, we've made them easier and safer, so less experienced skiers can use them with confidence. Are you ready? Let's go!

L’Expérience Spatiale (Space Experience), in Val Thorens

When you're on a chairlift, do you jealously eye the pros doing tricks in the snowpark? Well, not any more, as we now offer you a snowpark suitable for all levels!
This beginners' area is full of easy elements: whoops, a slalom between arches, easy boxes, all enlivened by the Val Thorens mascots.

the 2 Lacs chairlift in Val Thorens. Access to this area and its activities are covered by the EasyRider beginner pass!

Le Western Ski Park, Courchevel-Moriond

This is a fenced-off, quiet area for beginners only. Away from other skiers, you'll practise on a gentle, wide slope which is often bathed in sunshine (yes, we've really thought of everything).
Perle de Lune (Pearl of the Moon) awaits you in her tepee where she will offer you a range of activities based on Indians, nature and animals (face painting, archery, fancy dress etc).

Take the
Ariondaz gondola in Courchevel-Moriond.

La Piste de l'Espace, in Val Thorens

"Val Thorens feels like being on the Moon!” You may have heard someone say this? Well, now we’re inviting you to the ‘Space Piste’. Make your way down a fun, scenic trail dotted with different elements such as whoops, tunnels and snow ‘snails’.
You'll also find the resort's mascots: Valthy the marmot, Abby the bee, Chamy the chamois and Foxy the fox: why not take on the challenge they set you!

Note that activities for beginners and those for children are interchangeable: beginners will have fun with the children's activities, and vice versa!

You can find other special beginners’ activities in the Trois Vallées: make sure to check the piste map or talk to the staff at the Tourist Office in any of the resorts in the area.

Learner snowparks?

You asked for them, we created them for you. If you like a bit of a thrill, but you're not yet a park rat, we've got a few things to show you. Les Trois Vallées offers you a selection of terrain parks that are easy to ski and open to all. Here are the easier snowparks in Les Trois Vallées for you:

Les Whoops Line BoarderCross, in Méribel

You’ll feel safe taking the Whoops Lines (yes, that's it, you’re already talking like a pro rider). Here you'll find lines of 'whoops': gentle, safe bumps that allow you to find your feet in a snowpark.

These are not jumps for getting big air, but rounded mounds of snow to give you a thrill and the sensation of height. Even the most cautious skiers can try these.

At the end of the Whoops Line, you'll have the choice of continuing further into the Elements Park or returning to the pistes.

Get to it via the Legends chairlift or the Arpasson ski tow in Méribe

The Open Park - Rookie Zone in Méribel-Mottaret

this is the thrill zone of the Three Valleys. Here, skiers of all levels can try their hand at freestyle (but we promise you don't need to be a superhero to tackle the Open Park Rookie Zone).
Open Park and its Rookie Zone offer a number of easy lines to build your confidence: these series of elements help you learn quicker. In fact, the snowpark stretches the entire length of the Chatelet chairlift, so you’ll be back at the top in no time!
The park includes boxes (short, wide and low), rails, jumps, kickers, a mini half-pipe and even a chill-out chalet (with music, deckchairs, table football and a barbecue for you to use)!

Even if this snowpark is more extensive and fully equipped than the others, it's still suitable for beginners.

To get to it,
take the Plattières gondola or the Chatelet chairlift in Méribel-Mottaret!

Le Family Park, à Courchevel 1850

An unmissable snowpark for all in the Three Valleys! For children, beginners and experts alike, this park is the ultimate playground.
Based on the
theme of the Incas, you'll find a whole host of activities here, including a boarder cross, kickers (from tiny to huge), rails, easy boxes, whoops, a bouncy castle and a Big Air Bag!
And to top it all off, at the
Family Park you'll find electric mini-snowmobiles to ride! Cool, hey?
Find it under
the Verdons gondola in Courchevel 1850.

The Three Valleys, the place to be for exciting skiing

In the Trois Vallées, there's something for everyone. From first-timers to fully-fledged park rats, everyone will find their level of fun. And if you like to get big air and are looking for a thrill, we've got something for you. Or rather, several things. Here's our selection of slopes and snowparks for experienced riders. Tighten your helmets, here we go!

Le VT Park, at Val Thorens

The Val Thorens snowpark is THE benchmark for freestyle in the Three Valleys. Here you'll find 70,000m² of kickers, boxes, rails and tables. Every year, we improve it to make it even more interesting. You'll now find 3 lines of big kickers to get you flying. We've also added a unique hip quarter (a 90-degree transfer). Of course, we've also included a Big Air Bag, where you can try out the craziest tricks, with the assurance of a big cushion of air for a soft landing.
Even if you're not keen on taking off on skis, you can still go to the VT Park to watch others launch themselves into the air. It’s always an impressive show! Head to the VT Park on the two Plateau ski tows, which will quickly take you back to the top of the park.

La Liberty Ride, in Les Ménuires

Ungroomed areas = freedom! There are 3 Liberty Ride zones in Les Ménuires: these are areas which are not groomed, where the snow is left in its natural state. So on the day after a snowfall, you'll find powder here!

You'll be able to enjoy that wonderful off-piste feeling of skiing through clouds. These areas are avalanche-controlled: however, that doesn't mean that the risk is zero. But it does mean that the risk is controlled and supervised by the Trois Vallées piste service, so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of "responsible" skiing.

Get to the 3 Liberty Rides: La Masse (Pointe de la Masse gondola), La Riondaz (Saint-Martin 2 chairlift) or Les Pylônes (Sunny Express chairlift)

The Vertical Experience in Méribel

What is a Vertical Experience? It’s quite simple. Here in the Three Valleys, it's the name we give to our steepest runs.

If you want to ski steep (and maybe deep) in a sheer couloir, this is the place to ski.

You'll find the couloir de l'Ibex, an avalanche-controlled couloir directly below the chairlift. Its entrance is well hidden: you enter a narrow couloir at the start, which widens as you descend. Take it at your own pace. And remember: safety first!

Go to the Bouquetin chairlift to access the Ibex couloir (if you speak French, you’ll understand).

There's also a couloir on the Saulire, one of the steepest in the Three Valleys. Couloir Tournier is a fairly wide couloir and a marked piste. You'll be awestruck by its high mountain feel, and the surroundings become wilder once you've crossed the ridge from the entrance at the summit of Saulire.

From the Chaudanne plateau, take the Saulire Express gondola to the summit

The Freeride Lab in Courchevel

-This is a rather different concept.
Access to this run has to be earned through sweat (yours). The
Courchevel Freeride Lab is not served by ski lifts, so you'll have to walk with skis on your back for 20 to 25 minutes to get there.
But what exactly does it consist of? There are two ungroomed but avalanche controlled runs. As they are away from the ski area, you will often find immaculate snow (‘untracked’, as those in the know say).

Experienced freeriders (or those accompanied by a guide or instructor) can discover the Cirque du Creux Noir, at the foot of the Aiguille du Fruit. It offers a multitude of off-piste possibilities and couloirs. Not to mention the fantastic 360° view of the Alps from the summit.

Our tip: It's easier if you have touring skis! You can easily hire them anywhere in the Trois Vallées.

To get to the Freeride Lab, head for Courchevel! If you're coming from Méribel Mottaret, the Pas du
Lac 1 & 2 lifts will take you to the ‘Courch’ side.

If you're coming from Méribel Centre, take the
Saulire Express lifts 1 & 2.

Little Gems

Here are a few little extra delights. Because going on a ski holidays here doesn't necessarily mean spending seven days on skis. The Trois Vallées offers you much more.

The Orelle zipwire, in Orell

This zip line is a massive adrenaline rush. It will take you at nearly 100 km/h over a distance of 1,300 metres, suspended high above the Le Bouchet glacial valley. In other words, you'll feel like an eagle. Like an eagle, all you'll hear is the sound of the air around you. We’re not going to say any more about it. This is one of those experiences you just have to try for yourself.

Head to the top of the Bouchet chairlift in Orelle for a thrill like no other.

La Bee, a series of zip-lines in Val Thorens

This zip line is made up a series of 3 sections and allows you to take solo or dual flights. You can fly along this zip line like a bee searching for flowers: soar over the ski area while you admire a 180° panorama.

This zip line will carry you over 1,800 metres, at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The Igloo Village, in Val Thorens

The Igloo Village offers you hot après-ski action in a cool destination! Despite the chilly surroundings, there’s a warm welcome at the Ice Bar for a drink and the Ice Restaurant for gourmet fondues.

And don't forget the Ice Hotel, with its 3 comfortable rooms offering an unusual experience in a unique environment.

To get here, ski or walk down the Combe de Thorens green run in Val Thorens.

There, we think we've told you everything! Now you know all about the Trois Vallées ski area and its various special features. You can show off to all your ski mates! And take your children or friends to the places that are right for them, so that everyone will have fun: families, friends, beginners and experts!