A feeling of freedom, a wide variety of landscapes and itineraries to suit all levels - this summer, set off on the accessible routes of the 3 Vallées. You can also discover the many signposted MTB/MTT-AE itineraries waiting for you in Méribel!

The 5 benefits of E-MTB success

After many months of reduced physical activity, the electric formula allows you to return to cycling gently and not to put too much strain on your body. Everyone can get back into it... at their own pace!

For outings with friends or family, when levels are not homogeneous, the VTTAE allows you to smooth out the differences in levels: the more athletic riders press the pedals, the less trained ones engage the assistance!

For those who are already in good shape, the electric bike allows you to optimize your outings. On the trails, you can climb up to the most beautiful viewpoints. On the road, you can consider some mythical passes that you would not have been able to afford without it...

The electric assistance is always adjustable. You wish to maintain the effort? You rely little or not on the assistance. You want to enjoy the downhill? You are assisted on the way up!

The electric assistance is always adjustable. You want to maintain the effort? You rely little or not on the assistance. You want to enjoy the downhill ? You are helped on the way up!

Favorite route

From our Méribel Alpina Outdoor team: Ariane & Baptiste

Dense forests, typical mountain pastures, a mineral environment at altitude... And superb panoramic views to boot! Follow this 3 Vallées MTB-EA itinerary suggested by our duo Ariane & Baptiste, cycle operators at Méribel Alpina Outdoor.

  • Leaving from the Méribel Altiport :

Start your ride by following the VAE3 itinerary towards Courchevel. In an authentic setting, through the Altiport forest, follow the route to Courchevel 1850.

  • Once in Courchevel 1850 you have a choice;

Continue on VAE3 (blue) then VAE4 (blue) to do the Col de la Loze loop, or retrace your steps to take VAE5 (green) and return to the Altiport area. It's up to you!

The ascent to the famous Col de la Loze offers some of the best views of the neighbouring Courchevel-Méribel valleys! From the top of the pass, you can admire the immensity of our valleys. What's more, it's the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, and you can even use the break to recharge your batteries (there's a charging point available).

Don't forget to take some photos for us!