Come and enjoy a memorable experience for lovers of sliding and adventure, whatever their age or level of skiing.
Designed to perfectly combine thrills, creativity and entertainment. This fun zone is made up of three separate runs:

  • Bumpy Run

  • Funny Run

  • Speedy Run

1. Bumpy run

The Bumpy Run, with its series of "whoops", small bumps and snow waves, lets skiers test their speed and balance as the slope goes by.

2. Funny Run

The Funny Run features a series of arches, mini-boxes and easy modules to improve agility and have fun at the same time.

3. Speedy Run

The Speedy Run boarder cross, accessible to all, offers the chance to challenge friends by tackling banked turns and jumps, with the aim of crossing the finish line in the lead.

📍 ACCESS: Top of Legends chairlift or L'Arpasson ski lift
Once you've honed your skills and put them to the test. Don't hesitate to visit our other fun trails.