With its 600 kilometres of downhill ski runs, some of you may think that the 3 Vallées ski area is only for experienced skiers. Well, think again: our 7 ski resorts have the great advantage of being accessible to all, whatever your skiing level. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for here.

Today, we are offering you some information on intermediate-level routes, namely the blue runs in the 3 Valleys, where learners who don't want to go into the red will find both pleasure and thrills! Thanks to our safe and varied runs, you can enjoy exceptional panoramic views while having a great time with your family and friends. You may not know it, but more than half of the runs in our ski area are green and blue - proof the 3 Valleys can offer easy skiing. Our goal is to get you addicted to skiing!So, check your skis are well waxed, pop on your helmet and face-warmer, and set out from Méribel on these easy routes chosen specially for you.

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If you choose this route, you are sure to be captivated by the different viewpoints you’ll encounter. Once on the Courchevel side, you can soak up the high mountain atmosphere by admiring the steep slopes of the Aiguille du Fruit, part of the Vanoise massif, which culminates at more than 3,000 metres. You will also enjoy a beautiful view over the Chanrossa valley.

At the Altiport in Méribel (situated just above 1,700 metres), you can take a break for lunch or a quick snack to recharge your batteries. Because in the Savoie, it's not just about skiing, it's also about the delicious food you enjoy tucking into on your ski holidays!

Whether you are on the Courchevel or the Méribel side, the gently sloping pistes allow you to relax and enjoy your skiing. On your way back from Courchevel, when you drop into the Méribel side, you will be amazed by the vast panorama and uninterrupted view over the Méribel valley and the Basse-Tarentaise.

This route is characterised by big changes in altitude and long descents that you can enjoy to the full, all at your own pace. This 3 valleys route has been specially designed so that you can admire the wonderful views all along the way and return home with a head filled with happy memoires.

The lifts to take on this easy route

The route starts in Méribel centre.

First, take the Saulire express 1 & 2 gondola lift: this consists of two sections which take you to the summit of la Saulire from where you can drop over towards the resort of Courchevel. During the ascent, you can enjoy being warm and dry if the weather is less than perfect (although it’s rare that the weather conditions in Méribel make you wince).

The return to Méribel is made via the Pralong six-seater fast chairlift followed by the Suisses four-seater fast chairlift.

Pistes which will leave you with unforgettable memories

On the Courchevel side, you will whizz down:

  • the blue Creux run or you can ski down the Altiport and Biolley blue runs, one after the other.

On the Méribel side,

  • the blue Biche piste; and then Marmotte, which will take you back home! And after that, you will have deserved a good hot chocolate!

Gentle slopes...

Gentle slopes...

If you ski in the Saint-Martin-de-Belleville area, you will enjoy all the pleasures of gentle slopes that run through alpine pastures and receive plenty of sunshine. And how about stopping for a break at the Trait d’Union mountain refuge above St-Martin?

When you return to Méribel, you will pass through the forest along the little-used Raffort blue piste, which is one of the out-of-the-way parts of the Méribel valley. This run arrives at the little hamlet of the same name. By skiing on two different sides of the mountain, you benefit from a varied range of landscapes.

You will start from Méribel centre.

You have two options for this route:

Option 1 for Méribel to Saint-Martin-de-Belleville route

You will by whisked through the air by the fast Tougnète six-seater gondola lift, then the Tougnète 2 six-seater chairlift. You will arrive at the summit of Tougnète, at over 2,400m, where you start your descent to Saint-Martin.

Before you set out, note you can choose between:

  • either the Crêtes and Jérusalem blue runs (which are little used and where you will see typical little stone mountain houses) and then Biolley

  • or the Gros Tougne piste which also starts at Tougnète, followed by the Pelozet piste, and then you will finish along the Biolley piste which takes you into the resort of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

To return from Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, you will enjoy a comfortable ride in the Saint Martin 8-seater gondola lift, then the 6-seater Saint Martin Express, which will allow you to re-join the Méribel sector.

You will drop back into Méribel:

  • by starting down the Crêtes piste;

  • then you will turn right onto the Faon piste and then take the Lièvre piste.

Option 2 for the Méribel to Saint-Martin-de-Belleville route

Rather than taking the Tougnète gondola lift when you set out from Méribel, you can opt to take two recent chairlifts:

  • Legends (its seats are heated!);

  • then Cherferie

Then, you will ski towards the resort of Saint-Martin along the Jérusalem piste and then Biolley.

When you set out from Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, you will take the same lifts as option 1, ie:

  • The Saint Martin gondola;

  • then the 6-seat Saint Martin express, which will allow you to ski back Méribel by taking the Crêtes, Jérusalem, Choucas, Gélinotte and finally Raffort pistes.

So you don’t miss the last lift out of Saint-Martin, remember that the gondola and chairlift close at 4.30.

5 star conditions !

Do you want to enjoy fresh snow all year round? Make your way to the summits where you’ll have a view of Col de la Chambre! You will also enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the 3 Vallées. While you're in the Chambre sector, you'll discover some out-of-the-way pistes. On the Menuires side, you can enjoy skiing on sunny slopes.

A summary of the ski lifts on this route

You will start from Méribel Mottaret by taking:

  • the 10-seater Plattières gondola lift;

  • then the 6-seater Bouquetin chairlift.

You will now be able to set out on the ski slopes of Les Menuires!

To return from the resort of Les Menuires, you will take:

  • the Doron chairlift ;

  • then the Mont de la Chambre chairlift (a great chairlift with pull-down shields so you are protected from bad weather), which will allow you to drop back onto the Méribel side. This last chairlift closes at 4.25pm.

And what about the ski runs?

Don’t worry, I was just about to tell you! When you arrive in the Ménuires ski area, you should take:

When you arrive in the Ménuires ski area, you should take:

  • the blue 3 Marches run; 

  • the blue Giraud boulevard;

  • then you will finish on the Violette piste. It’s called violette, but in fact it’s a blue run, if you see what I mean?

When you want to return to Méribel (yes, you have to come home sooner or later) take:

  • the Lac de la Chambre piste, which starts 2,850 meters above sea level. You can enjoy the breath-taking views before gently skiing down this long run which will lead you to the Plan des Mains plateau where you can have a break in the restaurant of the same name;

  • You will finish your wonderful excursion along the Ours piste.

And that's it for today! Are you ready for a new route tomorrow? You’re in luck - we have two more to offer you!

From the heart of the 3 Valleys to the summit

On the Val-Thorens side, you will enjoy the opportunity to ski on the Pluviomètre piste, which is located in a remote valley in the ski area. It is often very sunny and the run offers a magnificent view over the resort of Val-Thorens.

The lifts to use for this route

You will start from Méribel Mottaret by taking:

  • the Plattières gondola lift that you have already taken on the previous route;

  • then the 4-seater Côte Brune chairlift, which will allow you to drop into the Val-Thorens resort. And > then off you go for some out-of-this-world skiing!

To return from Val-Thorens, take:

  • the Cairn gondola lift;

  • then the Plein Sud chairlift;

  • and finally the 3 Vallées gondola, which will allow you to return to the Méribel ski area.

Could we have the details of the ski runs, please?

On the Val-Thorens side, you will start by skiing gently down the Pluviomètre piste, which is a wide run. If you like making wide, carving turns, then you’ll enjoy yourself here! Then, you continue down the Cairn piste, which will take you into the resort of Val-Thorens.

On the Méribel side, you will come back down the Lac de la Chambre piste, and you can take a little break on the Plan des Mains plateau, before you finish off with the Ours piste. Alas, your day is already over, but I’m glad to say we have one last easy route to suggest for the next day!

Our favourite route

We absolutely love this charming route which snakes through the forest. When you ski around La Tania, you can admire the spruce trees surrounding this small village which is perfectly integrated in its environment and far from the crowds. The village of La Tania has been designated a ‘green resort’; another reason to spend some time here and recharge your batteries!

When you return to Méribel, the Pic Bleu run will offer you a breath-taking view over the Tarentaise valley. It is ideal for skiers who want to spend some time contemplating the mountains. We recommend you discover this route at the end of your day, to make the most of the views over our beautiful landscapes. But don't become so enchanted that you miss the last lift!

The recommended lifts for this route

You will start from Méribel centre by taking:

  • the 12-person Rhodos gondola ;

  • then the Loze chairlift, which will take you to the start of your descent to La Tania.

To return to Méribel, take:

  • La Tania gondola lift;

  • then the 4-seater Dou des Lanches chairlift. This last chairlift closes at 4.30pm.

The fantastic runs on this route

Once you reach La Tania’s ski area, you will take the Col de la LozeLoze-estArolles, and Folyères blue runs. This last blue run is a real gem, as it is surrounded by spruce trees and rarely busy.

When you are back on the Méribel ski area, you can start your descent to the village along the Pic Bleu and Doron runs.