So many exceptional ski areas where you can find :

  • All kinds of restaurants: from snack bars to gastronomic delights, not forgetting pizzerias!

  • All types of music: open-air concerts, DJs, electro playlists, dancers, cabarets...

As the world's largest ski area, you can imagine that the 3 Vallées are full of quality establishments offering a variety of dishes, from the simple to the sophisticated. Some of these establishments also offer a lively musical atmosphere, allowing you to party in sumptuous surroundings.

As you can see, this article is dedicated to restaurants WITH atmosphere! This is your chance to enjoy a good meal, with family or friends, in a sumptuous setting, and then feast to prolong the moment!

Note that depending on the location of the establishments featured, some are easily accessible on foot, while others are reserved for skiers. Generally speaking, restaurants located next to a ski lift are accessible both on foot and on skis. Those located on a piste (generally far from a ski lift) will be accessible on skis only.

Follow us, we'll explain everything

Restaurants with atmosphere in Méribel

La Folie Douce Méribel Courchevel

The Folie Douce concept has spread successfully across the Alps. And rightly so: You can enjoy refined, gourmet cuisine, all in a festive atmosphere!

If you're not familiar with the concept, La Folie Douce is based on a blend of friendly, local cuisine and a love of entertainment. In concrete terms, this establishment offers the crème de la crème in terms of festivities: open-air cabaret shows, with dancers and singers. You can extend the afternoon by dancing to electro music.

The concept is very different from that of a nightclub: the music is often live (played by musicians, with real instruments) and accompanied by dancers.

In terms of food, you can choose between :

  • Small, accessible dishes

  • Dishes to share

  • Gourmet and refined dishes

Price: Dishes from €15.
Access: From Méribel Centre: Via intermediate 1 of the Saulire express. Return possible on foot or skis.

Le Maya Altitude

First and foremost, Le Maya has an incredible location: a 360° view awaits you! If you've never eaten with a view of the Vallée des Belleville and Mont-Blanc, a stop at Le Maya is a must.

But that's not the only distinctive feature of this place. "Just step inside, and you'll see: a cosy yet exotic decor awaits you. The dining room is an invitation to the Himalayas and Tibet, designed by Hong Kong architect Sylvestre Murigneux.

Let yourself be charmed by this colourful atmosphere and choose from a range of refined dishes or original and tasty sharing dishes. As you can see, Maya Altitude offers you a quality experience: your dish, the decor, the service, the view... Everything has been thought of to ensure that you have an exceptional time!

The Maya may not be a party spot, but it's still a cosy place with a soul, offering breathtaking food and views!

Price: Dishes from €29.
Access: From the top of Tougnète 2. Return possible on foot and skis.

Le Côte 2000

Welcome to Côte 2000, a cosy, chic restaurant set on a hillside overlooking Méribel. The restaurant occupies a magnificent spot that has no equal: sumptuous views of the surrounding peaks, a sunny terrace and chic, simple cuisine.

Enjoy dishes such as Savoy diots, tartiflette, goulash or even the must-try burger or fish & chips, in a cosy, chic atmosphere!

Côte 2000 is the perfect place to share a convivial moment, with good food and a magnificent panoramic view. The self-service aspect means you can eat quickly if you need to. And all for a reasonable price, which will delight the modest skier.

Price: Dishes from €24.
Access: Via the Aigle piste. From Méribel, take the "Pas du Lac" lift towards Courchevel. Inaccessible on foot, but accessible on skis.

Restaurants with atmosphere in Courchevel

La Ferme Saint-Amour

The concept behind the Ferme Saint-Amour is well worth the diversions: a whimsical, exuberant atmosphere and decor, and cuisine to die for, with multi-starred chef Eric Frechon at the helm.

The best way to understand the atmosphere is to see for yourself. But understand this: the Ferme Saint-Amour is the temple of winter nights! Festive dinners, exceptional evenings, you'll find spectacular shows, an electrifying soundtrack and dancing lights. As you'll have guessed, we've chosen both the theatre and the restaurant.

On your plate, Monsieur Frechon prepares refined and creative dishes, without forgetting the traditional fare of our beloved département. The menu is particularly tempting here, with starters, crudos, Savoyard specialities, fish, meat and dishes to share. Not forgetting a cocktail menu to delight you!

Prices: Dishes from €46.
How to get there: In Courchevel 1850, 90 rue des Chenus. The restaurant is next to the Chabichou and Intersport Courchevel 1850. Accessible on foot. And on skis via the Stade Alpin lift (the restaurant is below the Emile Allais slalom stadium).


04 79 01 46 86

La Bagatelle

The atmosphere at La Bagatelle is festive and inspired by the rebellious, free-spirited icons of the 60s. The interior is magnificent: a wooded but modern setting, with a breathtaking view of several Alpine peaks. A view you can admire from the warmth of the terrace, or from the 500 m² panoramic terrace.

On your plate, you'll find an original and refined dish. And with good reason: Jules Provost, with a proven track record in London, Paris, Courchevel and Ibiza, has been commissioned to treat you. This is a restaurant with a gastronomic label, where flavours blend together in an inventive and tasty way!

Prices: Dishes from €20.
Access: Access via the top of the Chenus cable car (from Courchevel 1850). Accessible on foot and skis.

Le Cap Horn

Did you know that the oldest restaurant in Courch' is Cap Horn? Built in 1954, this 100% traditional chalet has friendliness and good humour in spades. Inside, you'll find a wooded, traditional décor, littered with decorations that evoke adventure on the high seas. Add to that a magnificent south-facing terrace to brighten up your afternoons.

On the plate, you'll find a menu offering seafood specialities, roasts and exceptional meats, a sushi bar and a buffet of homemade desserts... And in the glass, a selection of 600 wines, which we've carefully chosen for you!

Prices: Dishes from €21.

Access: From the Altiport slope in Courchevel or by car from the Route de l'Altiport
(Courchevel 1850). Take the Pralong lift. Accessible on skis, but not on foot (car required).

Contact us:


  • 04 79 08 33 10

Les restaurants avec ambiance aux Menuires

Le Roc Seven

A Little Italy in the heart of the French Alps? After all, Italy isn't so far away... That's what Roc Seven offers, a quality Italian restaurant with authentic cuisine prepared by a 100% transalpine brigade.

Add to that a selection of Italian wines and a fine selection of local produce. You'll be welcomed into a refined, designer dining room with a retro-modern style that leaves no one indifferent.
This particular style has its roots in the Courchevel hotel "
Fahrenheit Seven", to which the restaurant is affiliated.

The Roc Seven cultivates a "plant" atmosphere. The dining room is a perfect example: you'll feel like you're perched in a small forest, high above the slopes.

And what about partying? It's simple, at Roc Seven we don't do things by halves: there's a DJ set & live every afternoon from 2pm! So sing along, dance along or just breathe in all the good cheer.

A date not to be missed is watching the sunset at Roc Seven... And at the end of the day, you'll have the chance to sample some signature cocktails (Negroni and Bellini)! It's hard to imagine anything better, isn't it?

Price: Dishes from €23.
Access: From the top of the Roc 1 lift (leaving from the centre of Les Menuires). You can get there and back on foot or on skis.

Contact : 

Le Chalet du Sunny

The Chalet du Sunny is undoubtedly one of the most popular apres-ski spots in the 3 Vallées. The atmosphere here is festive and relaxed: from 2pm to 4.30pm, a live DJ will be rocking the terrace.

Each time the DJ appears, you'll be treated to a snack service offering hot dogs, chips, paninis and kebabs. Camille' will be in charge of treating you every afternoon while you enjoy the music on this magnificent sunny terrace at an altitude of 2,500 metres.

A fine selection of champagnes, wines and beers will allow you to savour the day to your heart's content.

Inside, a warm, woodsy atmosphere awaits you, with traditional yet refined dishes. An interesting experience around this establishment is the "Sunny Nights": book a round trip in a "dameuse grand confort" and head up towards the restaurant by 6pm (perhaps you'll catch the last rays of the setting sun?).

Once up there, enjoy an aperitif, followed by a starter and a main course (prime rib, Savoyard fondue or tartiflette?). Once you've had dessert, you can calmly head for home: the snowcat will bring you back!

Price: Dishes from €17.
Access: Get to the top of the Sunny Express lift, then head down the David Douillet piste until you come across the restaurant. Inaccessible to pedestrians, unless you book a return trip in the snow groomer in the evening. Accessible on skis.

Contact :

Restaurants with atmosphere in Val Thorens

La Folie Douce Val Thorens / La Fruitière

You're probably familiar with the Folie Douce concept (we introduced it above, with the Folie Douce in Courchevelloise). Perhaps you've even been to one? The Folie Douce principle has been preserved at Val Thorens. It's even presented in its best light: a south-facing terrace that will encourage you and your friends to make the afternoon last, dancing to electro music until the sun deigns to set!

La Folie Douce de Val Thorens features live musicians (brass, vocals) and dancers themselves. There's also a quality electric flow produced by a DJ. Après-ski runs from midday to 4.30pm, every day during the ski season!

La Folie Douce in Val Thorens offers several dining options:

  • La Fruitière: gourmet cuisine, served indoors, on the panoramic terrace or under the glass roof.

  • La Petite Cuisine: simple but delicious cuisine indoors, in a warm and relaxed setting.

  • Le VIP Mumm: you can dance and eat at the same time, thanks to a menu combining snacking, savoury, sweet, barbecue and vegan dishes.

  • La Folie Food: fast food that's more affordable but just as tasty.

Price: Dishes from €29.

Access: Access La Folie Douce via the "Plein Sud" piste and the lift of the same name. Also accessible from the "Pionniers" lift. Accessible on skis only.



  • 04 79 00 04 27

Les Chalets du Thorens / Le 360 Bar

Les Chalets du Thorens is a group of several establishments offering a festive atmosphere and varied cuisine.

From a catering point of view, there are no fewer than 8 restaurants to choose from:

  • the traditional restaurant

  • the self-service restaurant

  • pizzeria

  • snack bar

  • burger corner,

  • wok,

  • creperie,

  • Belgian waffles.

So, what's your choice?

But if you're here to party, the 360 Bar takes over. It's no match for its aforementioned competitor: this Valthorinoise party mecca regularly plays host to headliners such as Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren and Lost Frequencies.

You can expect a fiery dancefloor and upbeat electro music that will have you jumping to the rhythm of the party until the end of the afternoon!

When we say that this place is a party mecca, we're not exaggerating. The 360 Bar hosts major events in Val Thorens:

  • Belgian Week (3-10 February): a week of partying in honour of our Belgian neighbours. DJs, après-ski and nightclubbing will be on offer.

  • Festival Tho (19 to 21 March): a festive music festival, complete with fancy dress and sound and light shows.

  • JBL Snow Party (11 to 14 April): Two emblematic DJs will be serving up wild music against a backdrop of winter sports. The famous audio equipment brand has selected the rising stars of the music world to present them to you.

  • The 360 Closing Session (27 April to 3 May): you can party any time of year, but it's rare to be able to ski into May. That's what the Closing Session promises to celebrate! A line-up of top DJs will be on hand to accompany you during this week of near-summer festivities.

What's more, you can even book accommodation at Les Chalets du Thorens: dormitories, flats from 50 to 200m², there's something to suit every taste and budget.

Prices: Dishes from €24.
Access: Accessible on skis via the lifts: via the "Plein Sud" piste and the lift of the same name. Also accessible from the "Pionniers" lift. On foot, it's possible to book a snowmobile shuttle!

Contact us:

Our tips for making the most of it

The 3 Vallées ski area is large and can be quite busy at times. To make the most of it, minimise the wait and maximise your enjoyment, we've put together a list of the best places to ski.

  • Reserve your table! It's as easy as 1-2-3. Choose the restaurant that suits you best from the list above and give it a call.
    It may sound silly, but in reality, during busy periods (school holidays), it's possible that your restaurant will be very busy and won't be able to accommodate you without a reservation.

  • By making a reservation, you can avoid disappointment.
    Download the 3 Vallées app. This will make booking easier. This app has several interesting features for skiing. What's more, it contains a complete list of the restaurants on the slopes, along with their up-to-date contact details.

    The app will also help you find the right route to the restaurant of your choice.

If you prefer paper, the piste map will help you locate the establishments and get to them via the piste of your choice. It's practical and means you don't have to use your phone!

  • Have you ever used the services of a guide? Make no mistake, this service isn't just for mountaineers. You, as a humble skier, can take advantage of a guide for your trip to the 3 Vallées. The guide will provide you with the following services:

    • Ski tips, to help you learn the basics or perfect your technique

    • Recommendations on where to eat, drink and even dance!

    • Anecdotes about the ski area, its history, its peaks, its fauna, its flora... Depending on the person's sensitivity.

as far as skiing is concerned!) Trust them to make your day as enjoyable as you want it to be!

Contact your ESF ski instructor here:

We are obliged to remind you that skiing under the influence of alcohol is highly inadvisable. Your reflexes will be impaired, your muscles will not function as they normally do and any insurance company will refuse to cover you in the event of an incident. So it's not an ideal situation for relaxed skiing.

That said, we fully support the fact that family and friends come to share a great time in our mountains, with or without alcohol. We just urge you to behave sensibly and safely (towards yourself and others too).